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How to Rack a Prefab Fence

Wooden fences are often created from prefabricated sections mounted to posts. The prefabricated fence sections can either be purchased from a supplier, or built on site. Racking is the process by which a prefabricated panel is squared, meaning that each corner is a perfect 90-degree angle. On large structures such as a fence panel, special care is needed to keep the structure square rather than a parallelogram.

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Board on Board Fence Ideas

For homeowners in need of privacy from peering eyes into the backyard, a way to hide unsightly storage or a method to establish specific zones and boundaries, a board-on-board style fence accomplishes either task. Also called alternating-board fence, this style provides a needed barrier, while allowing air and light to pass through your space. The appearance is a neat, fully-closed fence with the identical, clean finish on both sides. While the basic design complements many home styles, the addition of coordinating details and finishes can adapt this fence type to your specific property.