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How to Attach Barbed Wire to T-Posts

Krissy Howard

A barbed wire fence can make an affordable and effective alternative to chain-link or wooden varieties. For optimum durability, attaching barbed wire to properly installed T-posts can help guarantee that your fence last for years without the drooping or sagging associated with other techniques.

How to Attach Barbed Wire to T-Posts

For anyone looking to keep anything in or out of an area they have just fenced off, barbed wire can provide an effective and affordable solution. Attaching your barbed wire fencing to installed T-posts spaced anywhere from 8 to 12 feet apart will make for a sturdy 5 to 6 wire barbed fence.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

Barbed wire is razor sharp and is not something you’ll want to handle without the proper materials. Before you get started, be sure to have a pair of thick, impenetrable gloves, a long-sleeved shirt or jacket, long pants, protective eyewear and sturdy shoes to reduce the risk of injuries. Because barbed wire is under tension when coiled, take care to stand back when releasing straps.

What Tools You Will Need

Once your ground is measured off and your T-posts are installed, you’ll need to determine how much barbed wiring to procure. This will ultimately depend on what your fence is intended for, and will likely be decided based on the terrain you are building on and the purpose of your fence. Barbed wiring is available in two varieties: Two-point, which contains barbs with two prongs, and four-point, which features four prongs.

You will also need a set of fencing pliers, a spool handle, a wire stretcher and clips for attaching your wire to your posts. You’ll need as many clips as places where the wire meets the posts, so if you’re adhering five rows of wire to 20 posts, you will need 100 clips.

A second set of hands will make the job that much easier, so try to enlist the help of a friend or coworker to ensure straight, tight lines that will stand the test of time.

How to Safely Attach Barbed Wire to Posts

Insert the spool handle in the middle of your coil of fencing and walk it between two posts until it lies flat. Walk back to your first post and join your wire to a flat side of the post. Barbed wire is made up of two tightly wound wires, so use your fencing pliers to create a wedge between the two wires until an opening appears. Slip one end of the clip through the opening. Then, rotate the pliers to bend the clip around the barbed wire one or two times until it is tightly wrapped around the barbed wire fencing. Rest the curved end of the clip around the post, and repeat the same step on the other side of the clip.

Once your barbed wire is firmly attached to the T-post by a clip, use the wire stretcher to pull the barbed wire taut until you reach the next post. Repeat the process as many times as needed until all rows have been affixed and all posts have been covered.