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How to Use a Come-Along to Tighten Fence Wires

Kimberly Johnson

Some types of fences have posts with thick strands of wire that run from post to post, thus creating a barrier. When you are installing this type of fence, it is critical to get the wires as tight as possible. If you don't get them tight, they will expand in the summer and begin to sag. When connecting the wiring between two fence posts, you can tighten them with a special wrench tool called a come-along.

  1. Walk to one of the fence posts and attach the back end of the come-along to it by wrapping the back wire on the tool around the post once or twice and then connecting the hook on the end of the wire to the metal ring on the back of the come-along.

  2. Push the back of a fence clamp downward to open the pinchers and insert the wire into it, leaving enough excess to secure it to the post later. Push the back of the clamp upward to hold the wire securely in place. Then place the metal loop on the other end of the clamp onto the metal hook on the come-along.

  3. Grasp the lever on top of the come-along with one hand and support the base of the come-along with the other. Push the lever in the direction of the post you are attaching the wire to.

  4. Continue moving the lever until it gets tight, then turn it an additional one or two times.

  5. Secure the end of the wire to the post by wrapping the end around it tightly and then twisting the end of the wire around itself with a pair of pliers. If the posts are made of wood, you can staple the wire to it using heavy-duty, stainless-steel staples.

  6. Remove the come-along from the fence by unhooking the metal loop from the wire clamp. Open the ends of the wire clamp to remove it from the wire fence.