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How to Pull a Fence Tight

Denise Brown

Whether you are building a new fence or repairing an old one, having the fence properly stretched is vital to keeping your animals on your property. If you are repairing an older fence, the task is simple. Loosen wire from the posts where the wire needs tightening. Attach fence tighteners and twist them with a pair of pliers to pull the wire tight again. Reattach the wire to the posts. For new fences, you need to use a fence stretcher tool or a come-along tool to tighten the new wire before you attach it to the posts.

A properly tightened fence keeps livestock in their pasture.
  1. Attach one end of the fencing wire to one of the corner posts. If you are using woven wire, remove enough vertical wires from the woven wire so you just have horizontal wires. Wrap each horizontal wire around the post. Twist the end of the wire around its mate on the woven portion of the fencing wire using a pair of pliers or a fencing tool.

  2. Connect the fencing material to the brace post with fencing staples. Unroll the wire to the end of the fence row. Cut off the vertical wires as you did in the first step and wrap the wires loosely around the corner post. Do not use staples at this time.

  3. Attach the fence stretcher or come along to the wire. Brace the fence stretcher or come along against the brace post. Use the ratcheting mechanism to gradually pull the fence material tight. As you tighten the wire, have a helper walk the fence line to ensure the wire stays at the proper height above the ground.

  4. Use staples to connect the woven wire to the all of the wooden fence posts except the corner post. If you are using steel fence posts, attach wire fasteners with a pair of pliers.

  5. Release the pressure on the fence stretcher or come along. Pull the fence tight by hand between the brace post and the corner post. Wrap the horizontal wires tightly around the corner post and fasten them to their matching wire by wrapping the end around the wire several times.