How to Apply Orange Peel Texture to Walls

How to Apply Orange Peel Texture to Walls. Orange peel is a type of texture applied to walls with a spray gun. It gives flat walls a nicer look. You can also apply it to the ceiling for a consistent finish. After you apply the orange peel texture, simply prime and paint your walls.

  1. Mix your texture. Follow the directions on the bag. You'll want to make the mix pretty thin, so it'll come out of the spray gun easily. Let it set up overnight and then mix it again. Use a screen to strain out any lumps that might clog your gun.

  2. Load the texture into the hopper of your spray gun. Attach the gun to the air compressor.

  3. Do a test spray outside on a piece of cardboard. If this isn't possible, start in a closet so you can hone your techniques, as you get more experienced. Adjust your pressure on the trigger to get the look you want.

  4. Move to your first wall. Using a rapid, sweeping motion, spray the wall lightly with the texture. The faster you move, the smaller the dots of texture will be. You can tailor the look of the orange peel texture to your own taste by going faster or slower, and by squeezing the trigger harder or softer (larger or smaller dots, respectively).

  5. Continue along until you complete the room. Clean out the gun and the hopper and discard the rest of the texture.

  6. Tip

    Orange peel texture is best applied using high air pressure and a small nozzle opening on the gun. If you make a serious mistake, take a putty knife and scrape off the wet texture. Start over in another area.


    Don't go overboard with the water when mixing up your texture. If you put too much water in it, you'll have to add more powder to get it to thicken up and you'll have the risk of running out of texture. You can always add more water if it's too thick.