How to Install a Shower Drain

Is your shower drain leaking or missing. This instruction shows how easy the installation of a PVC shower drain is. Check to see what system is currently used in your plumbing, take measurements and head to your hardware store.

  1. Buy PVC hardware of the correct size so that it will fit with current plumbing. Remove any cracked or broken pipe. If the current plumbing is black pipe then rubber adaptors are available.

  2. Carefully drill a hole in the shower or tub so that the hole and current plumbing align. Smooth all rough edges so that no leaks occur.

  3. Apply PVC prep(the purple primer) to all PVC parts that will be joined; wait 20 seconds then apply PVC cement to both current plumbing and new drain. Cement glue is not needed when connecting PVC to rubber or black pipe to rubber. Apply plumbers caulk to drain cap and shower or tub base. Install screws on drain cap or if drain only has retention tabs then press those. Check for water tightness after caulk and glue have dried.

  4. Tip

    Be clean organized and wait for full drying time.


    PVC glue is caustic and bad for your skin.


  • pvc glue is caustic and bad for your skin.