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How to Use a Fire Blanket

Athena Hessong

Fire blankets are used to put out fires that cannot be extinguished with water alone and to save people whose clothing is on fire.

Fire blankets work on class A,B and D fires, which are those being fueled by ordinary combustibles such as wood or paper, by flammable liquids like oil or gas and by combustible metals including magnesium and titanium. Every building should have a fire blanket inside for safety reasons, and everyone in the building should know how to use it.

  1. Put on the fire-resistant gloves, if available.

  2. Remove the fire blanket from the wall-mounted holder by pulling the two tabs at the bottom. Unfold it so that it is completely opened.

  3. Hold the fire blanket with your hands wrapped in the top edge of the blanket. This will protect your hands from the heat and flames.

  4. Cover the flames completely with the fire blanket by throwing the blanket on top of them and leaving it there until the fire goes out.

  5. Put flames out on a person's clothes by wrapping the fire blanket around the victim.

  6. Let the fire blanket cool completely for 30 minutes to 1 hour after the fire is out. Fold it back up for storage. Most fire blankets are designed to be reused.

  7. Warning

    If you cannot put out a fire with a fire blanket, call the fire department. Always position yourself between the fire and a safe exit before attempting to extinguish it so you can escape if necessary.

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