How to Remove Paint From Antique Brass Door Hardware

Many older homes boast brass fixtures that give a home a classic look, but every now and then someone will think it's a good idea to paint over them. Brass is an alloy that is usually mixed with tin. Not only is it a nice addition to the aesthetics of its surroundings, but it's very durable.

Remove Paint From Antique Brass Door Hardware

It's easier than you think to restore these painted hardware pieces. With only a little time and effort, brass hardware can be restored to its natural state.

  1. Place the hardware in a pot. Avoid the use of an aluminum pot as it may react badly with the brass.

  2. Pour in enough vinegar to completely cover the hardware.

  3. Turn the burner on high and bring the vinegar to a boil before turning the burner down to a simmer.

  4. Watch as the paint begins to dissolve from the hardware. Do not let the hardware boil for too long as this may damage it. Once you can see that the paint is visibly softened, use a pair of tongs to pull the hardware out.

  5. Set the hardware on a piece of newspaper as you take them out of the pot.

  6. Rub the brass hardware with 002 steel wool. Remove as much paint as you can and use a toothbrush or toothpicks to help reach places that the steel wool can't.

  7. Use a piece of 000 steel wool to finish removing the paint.

  8. Polish the pieces with a soft clean cloth.

  9. Warning

    Wear rubber gloves when using the steel wool on the hot pieces of hardware.

    Ventilate the area well when boiling the hardware in vinegar as the smell won't be pleasant.