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How Often Should You Vacuum a New Carpet?

Emma Lee

A lot of time and research goes into the purchase of new carpeting for the home. Carpeting is usually a large investment and once the carpet is installed you will want to make it last as long as possible. Set up a routine for vacuuming and your carpet will look new for years.

When to Vacuum

New carpet that is in a heavy traffic area should be vacuumed daily if possible. Most of the soil in a carpet is dry and can be picked up easily with a vacuum. Soil that is left to find its way deeper into a carpet can actually cause damage to a carpet by breaking down the fibers.

In some cases sharp objects are more likely to damage the fibers than is soiling. If you live in an area where you can track sand in on your shoes or clothing, then a daily vacuuming is necessary.

The ages and size of the family household will help to determine how often a carpet needs to be vacuumed. A family with small children who are in very close contact with the floor should vacuum the carpet daily. New carpet will have loose fibers or fuzz that could be on the carpet for months. A daily cleaning will help to eliminate the risk of small children inhaling or swallowing fiber or fuzz.

It may not be necessary to vacuum an entire floor daily but there are some areas that should receive more attention than otherss. Hallways, stairs, entrances and common paths get constant wear and should be vacuumed daily to prevent the fibers from becoming packed down.


Vacuum the carpet in a forward and backward motion. In heavy traffic areas follow up by changing the direction of the vacuum and sweep across the carpet for a second time. Vacuum in a slow and deliberate motion--rushing to finish will not allow the vacuum to suck up all the dirt particles. Any dirt that was not picked up by going back and forth should be picked up in the second cross sweeping action.

The vacuum cleaner should be set on the proper height if your machine has that capability. A cleaner that is set at a height that is too low will cause unnecessary wear and tear on the carpet. A setting that is too high will not allow full power from the machine to lift dirt from the carpet. Changing the bag often will also allow for maximum cleaning power from the vacuum cleaner.