How to Antique Ugly Brick

Susan Elliott

Both new and old bricks can be aged to have an old world appearance. The process of antiquing brick is moderately easy and is perfect for making even the ugliest brick beautiful. Brick walkways, homes and fireplaces are all good candidates for antiquing.

Age with Semigloss Paint

  1. Select a semigloss paint in a color two shades darker than the existing brick. This technique works best on a horizontal surface like the hearth of a fireplace.

  2. Working in a small area, pour paint directly onto the brick. Allow it to seep into all the cracks and crevasses.

  3. Use paper towels, news print or old rags to wipe the paint off the brick. Leave only a thin layer of paint. The paint will fill in the holes of the original brick and dye the brick a couple of shades darker. This will give it an aged appearance.

  4. Allow the bricks to dry thoroughly before using the area that has been treated.

Age With Whitewash

  1. Whitewashing should be used on vertical surfaces only. Whitewashing brick not only gives the appearance of age, but gives brick the old world look so often found in Europe.

  2. Mix 50 lbs. of hydrated lime with 10 lbs. of table salt. Mix these ingredients with water until a thick paste forms.

  3. Generously wet the brick and mortar before applying the whitewash mixture to the brick.

  4. Apply the whitewash with a stiff brush or roller but allow the thickness of the whitewash to vary across the brick surface. Thinner application will expose more of the original brick, while a thicker application will cover up most of the brick, giving the surface a completely different texture

  5. Allow the whitewash to partially dry for several hours or for a full day before rinsing. Once the whitewash is partially dry, use water to rinse off some of the mixture in a random pattern. This will give the brick a blotchy old world appearance.