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How to Clean an Oxidized Metal Building

Cheryl Torrie

Metal buildings are a low-cost alternative to wood framed or brick and mortar buildings, but metal buildings that are exposed to moisture for extending periods of time can oxidize. As the metal surface oxidizes the metal becomes weaker and the life expectancy of the building is shortened.

Cleaning the chalky white oxidation from the building as soon as it appears will help you to prevent the damage that oxidation causes and restore the metal to its original color.

  1. Dip your microfiber paint roller in a bucket of water to saturate it with water.

  2. Place a small amount of metal cleaner onto the roller.

  3. Attach the roller to the extension pole and start cleaning the metal building from the roof line down.

  4. Dip the roller back into the bucket of water, when the roller turns a chalky white from cleaning the oxidation from the metal, and apply additional cleanser before continuing cleaning the building.

  5. Tip

    Applying a metal wax will seal the metal against further oxidation.


    Oxidation may be a sign of improper insulation. Have your building inspected by a qualified contractor to make sure that no underlying issues need to be repaired.