How to Remove Ink From Paper Using Acetone Peroxide

Stephanie Ellen

If you’ve accidentally ink stained a valuable book or painting, you may be wondering what kind of ink removal method works best. You may also have stamped an important document with the wrong date stamp, and you want to remove the ink and start over.

Ink stains can be eradicated with acetone and peroxide.

The process of removing the ink from a document is called “washing” the document. With a couple of common household liquids, you should be able to erase your mistakes in no time.

  1. Pour some bleach into one bowl, and pour some acetone into the other.

  2. Use one cotton swab to lightly brush bleach onto the part of the document you want to wash.

  3. Use another cotton swab to brush acetone onto the same area before the bleach has a chance to dry out. Once the bleach and acetone have been brushed on the paper, the ink should disappear immediately.

  4. Wait until the paper is dry before writing on the paper again. Depending upon how much acetone and bleach you have brushed onto the area (and how large of an area you've washed), this could be several hours.

  5. Tip

    If you want to remove smaller or more precise areas than a normal cotton swab can handle, try cutting or breaking the tip off the swab and just use the stick to brush the bleach and acetone onto the document.