How to Fix Leaky Window Wells

Emily Patterson

Window wells leak because water is seeping in from the sides, pushing up from the bottom of the well or a combination of the two. The water entering the window well during heavy rains may reach above the threshold of the window. This allows water to enter the home or causes damage to the window.

The average homeowner, armed with a few common tools and a tube of high-quality, exterior-grade caulk, can fix a leaky window well.

  1. Dig out the area inside and outside of the window well to the base of the window well. There should be a layer of gravel at this point. If the gravel is compacted, replace 6 inches of existing gravel with clean gravel. New gravel is not necessary. Old gravel can be rinsed over a screen.

  2. Clean the edges of the window well where it meets the house with a scrub brush and clear water. Use a putty knife to remove any existing caulk where the window well is attached to the foundation. Allow to dry thoroughly.

  3. Trim the tip of a tube of exterior grade caulk on an angle and pierce the inner foil with the piercing rod on the caulk gun or a long nail. Place the tube of caulk in the caulk gun. Apply a bead of caulk along the corner where the window well meets the house. Caulk both sides of the window well. Let dry according to instructions on the caulk packaging.

  4. Replace the soil around the outside of the window well. Slope away from the house if possible.