What Is SAP Training?

German software maker SAP AG markets its SAP ("System Analysis and Program development") suite of applications to large organizations, enabling clients to improve corporate operating processes. SAP training program graduates manage network analyzers and corporate databases.


A SAP training workshop introduces the SAP application to participants, emphasizing the most important tools in database administration. The workshop also teaches how to increase the value of information technology investments, reduce the total cost of network tools, and facilitate the system's adoption and use among critical end-users.


SAP training sessions help lower corporate information technology costs in the short and long terms. These sessions are key points atop senior management's agenda, since effective IT procedures prevent unauthorized access to corporate data and eliminate information breaches.

Target Audience

SAP training targets a diverse audience, including professionals with no direct connection to information systems management. Likely attendees are IT managers, database administrators, technical services managers, management information systems directors, and computing services supervisors, according to the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Information Network.