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What Is the Difference Between an Effluent Pump & a Sump Pump?

Tricia Chaves

Choosing the right type of septic pump for your water removal needs is essential to prolong the operating life of your pump and the reliability of your septic system. A septic effluent pump and a sump pump have distinct differences even though they are sometimes referred to interchangeably.

Septic Effluent Pumps

A septic effluent pump moves clarified septic outflow from its pumping chamber to its drain field. This type of pump is common in sand-bed, raised-bed and mound filtration systems where the absorption bed is located above the tank.

Sump Pump

A sump pump is used to remove unwanted ground water from a structure, such as a home’s basement or the boiler room of a commercial building. The pumps should never process solids greater than the size of fine soil or groundwater debris.

Structural Differences

When compared to a sump pump, a septic effluent pump has a greater level of durability. It is built with the ability to remove water at a more demanding pace than a sump pump. Some contractors may choose to swap a sump pump for a septic effluent pump in a pinch, but they compromise durability by doing so.