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How to Build a Livestock Water Trough

Kelly Gray

Water is essential to the well-being of livestock. In some cases, the right amount of water can improve milk and beef production. Cows, for instance, that have access to water throughout the day are shown to make more milk. An easy way for animals to have access to water is through water troughs.

Cows and other livestock need fresh water constantly.

Troughs do not have to be made out of the traditional wood and nails. They can be made out of any container that provides clean water.

  1. Find a large container that will hold water. The size of container depends on the size and quantity of animals that will be using it. Plastic or metal containers will be sufficient; it just needs to be large enough to be effective.

  2. Place the container in an open area where the livestock can have access to it. Attach one end of a garden hose to a nearby spout.

  3. Place the other end of the hose inside the trough. Fill the container with water. Turn the water off once the trough is filled to the top. Check the container often to make sure clean, fresh water is available to the animals throughout the day.

  4. Tip

    If the temperature is below freezing, the water needs to be checked often to make sure no ice has formed on the top. The amount of water an animal needs depends on several factors, including activity, diet, temperature and pregnancy. Be aware of the livestock and its needs in regard to water intake. Empty the trough and clean it often to prevent bacteria from growing in and on the water.