The Best Toilet Unclogger Products

Jessica Taylor

Every homeowner needs to save money on maintenance. A clogged toilet can be expensive if it is necessary to call a plumber. There are many different techniques and products for unclogging toilets, but as every homeowner has experienced, they are all not equal in quality.

Toliet clogs can be frustrating and costly.

Here are some useful products to try at home first before calling in a professional.

Zip It

Twenty dollars can save hundreds in plumber's fees.

The overall best product for destroying the toughest toilet clog is Zip It. This device is long and flexible, and also made with plastic to prevent rusting. The device has protruding barbs at the end of it. The flexibility of the plastic allows it to bend and conform to the shape of the drain line, and the barbs are sturdy for removing the toughest debris. It can purchased at many home improvement and retail stores. This $2 to $10 product can save hundreds in plumbing expenses.

One Second Plumber

You too can have the power of a plumber.

Another excellent invention for breaking up a stubborn toilet clog is One Second Plumber. This product uses gas to force a blockage down the drain. The product is easy for the average consumer to use. It is similar to a canned aerosol spray duster. The water level of the toilet should be high enough to prevent back splash when the clog is removed. The tube is placed near the opening of the toilet bowl, and when the pressurized gas is released it powers through the clog, dispersing the debris. One Second Plumber is not too pricey, around the $20 range, and is sold at home improvement stores.

Liquid Clog Removers

Liquid clog removers can remove smaller obstacles but not larger debris

The average consumer will purchase $5 to $10 products for clog removal, like Draino or Liquid-Plumr. These products usually work sufficiently to remove smaller clogs in sinks, but usually do not remedy toilet clogs or tougher, larger debris. Sometimes this type of product will work, and other times it can be a frustration. These products work by using a combination of chemicals, bacteria, and enzymes to eat away at the blockage until the drain pipes have cleared.

Traditonal Tools

Traditional tools like a plunger can keep your toilet flushing smoothly.

Traditional tools like a plunger or plumber's snake are most commonly found in homes and still work to remove smaller blockages. They are easy to use, generally inexpensive and have stood the test of time. They are also easy to find at home improvement and retail stores. Sometimes, though, the plunger and plumber's snake do not have enough force to power through all the debris buildup in a toilet clog, and another product must be used or the homeowner will have to call a plumber.