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Recovery Time for a Rheem Water Heater

Misty Faucheux

The recovery time of a water heater refers to how fast the water heater can convert cold water into hot after you use some of the hot water. The shorter the recovery time is, the more efficient the unit is. Rheem makes different types of water heaters, including gas, electric and hybrid water heaters.

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A hybrid water heater uses both electricity and a heat pump to heat water. The Rheem hybrid electric water heater is Energy Star qualified, and these water heaters are available with either 40- or 50-gallon capacities. Both have a recovery time of 21 gallons per hour (gph) producing a 90 degree Fahrenheit rise in temperature. The 40-gallon heater is 65½ inches high by 21 inches in diameter and weighs 190 pounds. The 50-gallon tank is 75½ inches high by 21 inches in diameter and weighs 197 pounds


Electric water heaters run solely on electricity, and Rheem offers sizes ranging from 50- to 120-gallon capacity. For example, the Fury electric series includes heaters ranging in capacity from 30 to 120 gallons. All the tanks in this series have a 21 gph of recovery at a 90 degree Fahrenheit rise in temperature. The smallest tank is 30 inches high by 19¾ inches in diameter, and the largest tank is 59 inches high by 24½ inches in diameter. These tanks range in weight from 62 pounds to 324 pounds for the 120-gallon tank.


Gas water heaters run on either liquid propane (LP) or natural gas, and Rheem offers tanks ranging in size from 28 to more than 100 gallons. For example, the Professional Ultra Low Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) Powered Damper Series is Energy Star rated and comes with a self-diagnostic system. It offers both 40- and 50-gallon capacity tanks with a recovery time of 36.4 gph at a 90 degree Fahrenheit rise. The 50-gallon tank is 59¾ inches high and 23 inches in diameter and weighs 180 pounds. The 40-gallon tank is 60 inches high and 21 inches in diameter and weighs 150 pounds.


Rheem offers both gas and electric water heaters for commercial use. For example, the Heavy Duty Series has 50-, 80- and 120-gallon tanks. The recovery times for these models range from 18 to 838 gph depending on the model and the temperature rise. For example, at 20,473 British thermal units per hour (BTU/hr), a tank can recover up to 62 gph at a 40 degree Fahrenheit rise in temperature.