Didi Seven Stain Remover Directions

Charles Judd

Didi Seven is a super-concentrated cleaner that its manufacturer claims can clean hundreds of tough stains. Using Didi Seven to remove stains only requires a soft, clean cloth or brush and a small amount of water. The product is safe to use on all colorfast fabrics, including wools and delicate silks.

Use Didi Seven on a wide variety of fabric stains.
  1. Blot any amount of excess that remains from the stain with a cloth or absorbent paper towel. You may also gently scrape off the excess if needed.

  2. Rinse the stained area with clean water.

  3. Apply Didi Seven paste onto the stained area with a soft, clean cloth. Use sparingly, applying only enough to cover the stain lightly. You may use a soft brush or sponge to apply it to upholstery or carpet.

  4. Apply a small amount of water to the Didi Seven compound. Add just enough to dissolve the Didi Seven paste.

  5. Dab the stain gently with a wet cloth or brush, being careful not to apply pressure. Applying pressure will force the stain further into the fabric.

  6. Rinse all traces of the Didi Seven compound completely off the fabric. If the stain is sufficiently removed, you may wash and dry the fabric as you normally would according to the article tag.

  7. Repeat the steps for stain removal as needed.

  8. Tip

    Do not use a brush on delicate fabrics such as silks. Do not leave the paste on colored fabrics for periods longer than five minutes, as it may damage the color. Remove stubborn stains by boiling water and holding the treated fabric over the kettle steam. Allow the vapors to pass through fabric until the stain disappears. For upholstery or carpet, cover it with a towel and use an iron to force steam onto the stain. Do not use steam treatment for longer than two to three minutes. This steam should dissolve the Didi Seven and remove a stubborn stain.


    Test any fabrics that you wish to treat in an inconspicuous spot first to make sure that Didi Seven will not fade the color.