How to Keep Spiders Out of Your Room

Spider-proofing a room means keeping you and your family safe from these nasty creepy crawlies. If you live in areas populated by poisonous spiders such as brown recluses, you could allow a potentially deadly spider in if you don't correctly protect your home.

Keep your home free of spiders.

Correctly spider-proofing any room in your house involves a mixed defense of chemicals and home care. Done right, you can keep most — if not all — spiders outside where they belong.

  1. Spray a layer of spider spray around the window seams and sills using the residual spider spray, both inside and outside your home. Spiders can detect this spray and will not cross it. Residual spider spray provides ongoing protection against spiders and can kill on contact.

  2. Spray the corners of the floors and ceilings. Cracks between floor and ceiling trim can lead to gaps between drywall, which act as open doorways for spiders and other bugs. Spraying the corners will kill existing spiders and keep other spiders out.

  3. Throw away boxes and grocery bags that you bring in from external sources. If you keep old boxes or paper bags, spiders that have stowed away on these items can remain hidden in crevices and then infest your home.

  4. Remove old wood, rocks or piles of debris from around your home. Spiders build webs in such structures and can then travel into your home through cracks.

  5. Vacuum the corners of your home, which can pick up egg sacs. Some sprays do not offer "residual" protection, so you must maintain an active defense against spiders by vacuuming and keeping your home clean.

  6. Tip

    Keep clothes off the floor, and old papers picked up. Even with your best defenses, some spiders might slip in. Once in, they look for dark places to hide. Annual cleanings by professional chimney sweeps will keep your chimney free of spiders.