House Bugs & Their Descriptions

House bugs can appear even in the cleanest of households. Not only are they a nuisance, but they sometimes carry disease or damage clothing or furniture. Certain types of pests are common inside homes. Learning to recognize common bugs found in the home is the first step toward controlling them.

Cockroaches can quickly multiply and invade a home.


Many kinds of ants invade homes, and they are one of the most common type of house bugs. Some ants are attracted to food supplies while others cause structural damage. Carpenter ants are large black ants. The workers are wingless and up to a half inch long. Acrobat ants are smaller ants, usually less than one-eighth of an inch and black to light brown. When disturbed, an acrobat ant pulls its abdomen over its thorax. The Asian needle ant is a winged ant that is not usually well recognized. The winged female is less than a one-fourth of an inch long, and the male is about half her size. Both have a black body and brown legs and mouth parts.


Cockroaches are among the most despised of all household insects. They are flat, fast-moving insects. The most common cockroach found in households is the German cockroach, according to Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences. It is up to five-eighths of an inch long and tan to light brown. The American cockroach is reddish-brown and about 1 1/2-inches long. Oriental cockroaches are just over an inch long and dark brown. They are usually found in a dark area such as basements or under sinks.


Bedbugs are typically between one-fourth of an inch and three-eighths of an inch long. Adult bedbugs are red-brown insects which are flat, broadly oval and wingless. Larvae of bedbugs are tiny and clear. It is possible to have an infestation of bedbugs without ever seeing them. Small spots of blood on bedding or walls may indicate a possible infestation.

Other House Bugs

Many other types of house bugs can invade a home. Spiders in a variety of colors and sizes are often found in households. Black widow spiders have a shiny bulbous body with a red marking on the under surface. Jumping spiders are less than one-fourth of an inch and may be brightly colored. Houseflies are common pests that are easily recognized. Maggots are the larvae of houseflies and are about a half inch long. Other insects that may live inside the home are moths, crickets, centipedes and beetles.