How to Remove a Brick Wall

Whether a brick wall is inside or outside a home, the structure can be removed in much the same way. If you are removing an interior brick wall, it is important to look at the home's blueprints to ensure the brick wall is not a load-bearing wall.

Brick walls are removed piece by piece.

Once this is confirmed, you can remove it by way of hand chiseling brick by brick or using a faster method that will be less labor intensive.

  1. Spread foam plastic on the ground or floor against the brick wall to catch falling bricks and mortar pieces. Place a wheelbarrow near the brick wall to toss loose bricks inside.

  2. Put on goggles, leather gloves and a dust mask. Plug an extension cord into an electrical outlet to have plenty of room to work with.

  3. Connect a chipping hammer to the extension cord and set it on the lowest power setting to begin.

  4. Hold the chisel on the chipping hammer to a mortar joint in the middle of the brick wall. Depress the chipping hammer's trigger and chisel the mortar joint away. Once the brick comes loose, pull it from the wall and throw it into the wheelbarrow.

  5. Chisel the next adjacent brick free from the brick wall and then other bricks to create a hole. Continue to break away mortar joints until the brick wall is totally removed from the space.