Home Remedies to Keep Raccoons Away

Raccoons often roam around yards and neighborhoods at night looking for food and places to live. The animals are curious creatures which can get into a lot of trouble when they wander into your yard.

Discourage raccoons from visiting your yard.

Homeowners do not have to call in pest control companies in order to remove the raccoons, they can take natural measures to help keep raccoons away.

Remove Access to Food

Take all pet food items off the porches. Remove any leftover food from family dinners and place any garbage in containers that the raccoons cannot get into. Secure the containers so that the raccoons cannot tip them over.

Complete Home Repair

Examine your home and look for areas that the raccoons can crawl into. Seal up the area under the porch, holes in the roof and anyplace where the raccoons can access the attic or basement. Once the raccoons cannot access your home, they will find a new place to live. Raccoons can often cause vast amounts of damage by ripping up insulation, chewing on wood and damaging shingles. Limiting their access can save you money.

Remove Potential Raccon Homes

Move wood piles, old logs, rock piles and piles of leaves out of your yard. Examine the trees and look for hollows where raccoons could nest. Seal up the hollows or cut down the trees. Trim out the bushes and the brush in your backyard so that the raccoons cannot find places to hide and sleep. Raccoons with nowhere to hide will search for a new place to live in.

Trap and Release Raccoons

Set an animal trap that will not hurt the raccoon and bait it with a food the raccoon will enjoy. Metal versions have a trigger that closes the entry and exit doors, containing the animal. The homeowner can then release the raccoon in an area that is more suited to the raccoon. Wildlife officers from the state can also assist the homeowner in relocating the wild raccoons.