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Two Prong Security Screw Tips

Susan Revermann

Security screws can be found in many different styles, including a two-prong screw head style. These screws offer added security because they are harder to remove than conventional screws once they are in place. Follow a few simple installation tips to ensure you get the most out of your security screws.

Screws come in all shapes, sizes and styles.

Installing them improperly will leave you with screws you can’t remove. There are two main removal tools that you can use if you ever need to remove these screws.


Security screws are used when theft or vandalism is an issue. These screws are used to fasten wall-mounted safes, public bathroom fixtures and security doors or windows. Security screws are designed so you can easily tighten them in place but you must use special screwdrivers to remove them. These specialty screwdrivers are sometimes hard to find and are more expensive than conventional screwdrivers.

Installation Tips

When you install any type of security screws, including two-prong security screws, install the screws only half way into their pre-drilled holes until you have them all in place and you are sure they are all lined up. If you are installing a security door, make sure it opens and closes properly or that any other parts you are installing are lined up and move as they should. This is a precautionary measure because once you install the screws completely, you will either need a specialty screwdriver to remove them or you will have to get pretty creative to remove them without causing damage.

Specialty Screwdrivers

You will need a special two-prong specialty screwdriver to install this kind of screw. The screwdriver will line up with the two-prong section of the screw so you can easily tighten or remove the screw. If the screwdriver slips out of place while you are using it, hold the screwdriver tip over the screw and rotate it until it catches on the screw again. Turn the screwdriver clockwise to tighten the screw and counterclockwise to remove it. Be patient—you may need to apply pressure while using this screwdriver.

Alternative Removal

If you cannot find a specialty screwdriver for your two-prong security screw (or just don’t have the money for one) you can use locking pliers. If you grind down two parallel sides of your screw with an angle grinder or a medium coarse file, you can use the locking pliers to clamp down on the sides of the security screw. Tighten the pliers in place and rotate them counterclockwise to remove the screw.