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Red Pine Squirrel Removal

Sherry Mitchell

Red pine squirrels, one of the smallest of the squirrel breed, are cute to some and a nuisance to others. Also referred to as just the red squirrel or the chickaree, these harmless-looking rodents can actually wreak havoc on your home's roof and attic, causing expensive damage over a period of time.

Red pine squirrels can cause home damage and often need to be removed.

The Problem

During the colder months, red pine squirrels tend to seek a warmer home, often making their way into your attic through chewing holes or entering a small hole already in place. The best and most humane way to catch a red pine squirrel is with the use of a live trap. These can be found at farm supply stores, as well as many home-improvement and pet stores. Because the squirrels are small, you will be fine with a smaller-size trap with one door.


Take the trap into the attic and position it near the entrance area, if you can pinpoint that. Next, you will need to bait the trap to entice the squirrel to enter. Inside the live trap, you can put birdseed, corn, peanuts or peanut butter. You may also want to give the squirrel more incentive by sprinkling a thin trail of seed up to the trap. Once the squirrel enters the trap for the food, the trap door will automatically close. If the bothersome squirrel is an outdoor pest, place the trap near the area where he spends the most time.


Once you have the squirrel trapped, you can put the trap into the back of your car or truck. To make sure your pest does not return, you should drive at least four miles out, preferably to a wooded area with no homes, before releasing him into the wild. If you prefer, you can contact a local pest-control company that specializes in wildlife to pick up your unwanted house guest.


Once you have successfully removed the red pine squirrels from your property, there are several precautions you may want to take to prevent re-entry of these pests. Try to find all of the entry points leading to your attic, including any holes in the roof area. Seal these openings securely with metal flashing or another hard material that the squirrel will not be able to chew through. Do not put out bird seed unless you want to attract the red pines.