How to Cut Glass Blocks

Summer Banks

The use of glass blocks is popular in bathroom window treatments and makes a nice backsplash. For the crafter, glass blocks offer a unique canvas to be stamped, painted, lit up, etc. The Stamping, painting, and inserting lights are the fun and easy part.

Cut Glass Blocks

When it comes to cutting and drilling, though, the projects should not be taken lightly

  1. Drill a hole. Drilling a hole into a glass block is not the craft of a novice. Often done to insert lighting into the block, it is difficult but can be done in the presence of patience and a diamond core drill bit. It is also best done with a partner. The key is to keep spraying water on the drill bit to keep it cooled down and it is difficult to do that on your own while you are drilling.

  2. Pick the right size. For craft projects it is pretty easy to find a size of glass block that you need, as they are available in many sizes. For the home improvement project, however, the size and shape of the window or wall available may present sizing challenges. Try to avoid these projects as the cutting of glass often ends in disaster for the do-it-yourself guy. There is not a good tool available for it and it will likely result in moisture in the windows and more work and expense for repair.

  3. Choose a different task. Even professionals avoid the task and many insist it cannot be done. Perhaps the best advice for cutting glass blocks is “don’t do it.” There are plenty of other options to create beauty in your home if the proper sizes of glass are not readily available.