How to Make Stools Out of Dining Room Chairs

Ainsley Patterson

One great way to recycle household items in today's increasingly environmentally conscious world, is by finding new purposes for those household items. One way to give new purpose to dining room chairs is by turning them into either stepping stools or stools for sitting.

  1. Remove the back of the chair, whether you are making stepping stools or stools for sitting. The backs of older chairs may simply pull off; if the backs won't pull off you can saw off the backs of the chairs flush with the seat, sanding any rough edges.

  2. Fill any holes in the seat of your stools with your wood putty, allowing it time to dry and then sanding it smooth.

  3. Measure the legs of your stools and cut them down to your desired length if you are making stepping stools or if you would like your stools to be child size. Measure twice and cut once; you don't want wobbly stools, although you will probably have to do some sanding to rid them of the tiniest wobbles.

  4. Sand your stools with your sandpaper, smoothing out any rough edges and making sure that your paint will have a surface that it can adhere to.

  5. Paint your stools your desired color, priming first if necessary. Hand paint your new stools or use stencils to make them more decorative.


If the stools are for a child's room let the child hand paint her own designs on the seats of the stools, making for a great family project. If your child is too young to paint the stools, they could decorate them with stickers that are extra sticky. If you would like to try this project but don't have appropriate chairs, shop around at thrift stores or garage sales.


Paint in a well ventilated area.