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When to Put Out a Hummingbird Feeder in Northern Alabama

G.D. Palmer

Feeding hummingbirds in northern Alabama can be entertaining and help these tiny creatures as they migrate to other regions. However, some times of the year are better than others for attracting these small birds.

Broad-billed hummingbirds are sometimes seen in Alabama.

Spring Feeders

According to the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, hummingbirds begin approaching feeders in April or early May. Species like the rubythroat hummingbird and rufus hummingbird will feed throughout the spring and summer then migrate farther south in the fall.

Winter Feeders

While many homeowners take down their hummingbird feeders in the fall, some leave them up all year. Western hummingbirds occasionally migrate to Alabama instead of sticking to their usual winter territories.


Many people believe that leaving their hummingbird feeder out too long will encourage the birds to overstay in northern Alabama. Since hummingbirds have trouble with cold, this could pose a danger. However, hummingbird migration happens on time whether or not feeders are available.