How to Test Kohler Stators

Andrea Walk

Kohler is the manufacturer of small gas engines that are commonly used on several different brands of riding lawn mowers and tractors, including Scotts. The stator on the Kohler engine works in conjunction with the rotor to create electrical energy that helps charge and power up the mower's battery.

If the Kohler engine will not start and the starter, battery and ignition system all seem to be in working order, the stator should also be checked too. A stator test can be performed with a multimeter if the resistance range of the stator is known. This information can be obtained from the owner's manual or directly from a Kohler dealer.

  1. Determine the correct resistance range for the Kohler's engine. Different sized Kohler engines have different resistance ranges. Consult the owner's manual of your specific Kohler engine, if need be, to obtain the resistance range for your Kohler's stator.

  2. Find the stator inside the Kohler engine. It will be mounted on the crankcase behind the flywheel.

  3. Set the correct resistance range on the multimeter and turn it on. Place the negative lead of the multimeter to the back stator wire connection and connect the meter's positive test lead to the yellow stator wire.

  4. Read the display on the LED screen. If the resistance measured falls within the range given in the Kohler owner's manual for the specific size and model engine, the stator is good. If it is above that resistance, then the stator is not any good.