How to Get Rid of Pigeons on a Balcony

Pigeons are often a nuisance in many yards and gardens. But they can be even more attracted to high places, such as balconies, where they can perch. Ridding your balcony of pigeons can be a difficult task.

pigeon on ledge

It's important to never have any trash or food left on your balcony, which will quickly attract the pigeons and other pests. When getting rid of pigeons from your balcony, you should make sure to troubleshoot the problem and try the most cost-effective solutions first.

    cleaning up garbage
  1. Clean your balcony and remove any trash, food, branches or dead leaves that might attract the pigeons. Also, make sure there are no areas that could become homes for pigeons, such as trash bags, newspaper or large plants.

  2. plastic owls
  3. Place a plastic owl on the area of your balcony where the pigeons normally perch. This works most of the time, but it helps to spend the extra money to get a life-like statue as the pigeons may eventually discover that the owl is fake.

  4. woman at gardening store
  5. Purchase anti-roosting spike strips. These can be found at your local home and garden store, and they are placed in the areas where the pigeons might try to perch. The spikes will make the area unsafe for the pigeons to land.

  6. chicken wire
  7. Wrap chicken wire around the border of your balcony. You can purchase chicken wire at your local home and garden store specifically designed to form over the railing of a balcony to stop pigeons from perching. Once a pigeon gets stuck on the wire, other pigeons will know to stay away.

  8. ultrasonic alarm
  9. Purchase an ultrasonic repellent that includes speakers with motion sensors which become activated once a pigeon enters your balcony. The pigeons will automatically fly away once the noise is activated. Make sure that the ultrasonic repellent you purchase is specific to pigeons.