What to Do When a Kenmore Dryer Will Not Heat?

Daniel Westlake

Kenmore dryers like any appliance can malfunction. When your Kenmore dryer breaks down and doesn't produce heat there are a couple of things you can do. You can opt to identify the dryer's problem and fix it yourself or have a professional who is familiar with Kenmore appliances repair it.

Identifying the Problem

Identify why the heater is not working. Generally, there are a few common things that will stop a Kenmore dryer from heating up. Improper voltage will keep it from working, as the circuit breaker might have popped because your dryer and another appliance are plugged into the same outlet. The dryer may also have blown a fuse in the fuse panel, which has to be replaced before the dryer will be able to heat up. It could also be a broken heating element within the dryer itself, the timing motor or the dryer's thermostat, all which would need to be replaced.

Fixing It Yourself

Many of the parts that can be broken in your dryer, and preventing it from heating, can be purchased and replaced. Costs vary for the purchase of these replacement parts, but most are attached to the dryer body itself with screws and latches which can be easily removed and reaffixed with simple tools. Hooking up these different interior parts, like the heating elements and the thermostat require a few instructions that should be included with the part when you buy it, but are doable for someone who feels comfortable fixing pieces of equipment that require running electricity to them.

Using the Warranty

Most major manufacturers of dryers, like Kenmore, include long-term warranties with their products, which cover most if not all of these pieces of equipment, assuming you bought the dryer new. Check to see if your warranty is still valid and if it is, call the number on it to arrange for an appliance repairman to come out to fix your Kenmore dryer.