How to Describe TF Wire

David Lipscomb

TF wire is a type of wiring covered in a thermo-formed plastic material. This wire is commonly utilized in appliances and electrical devices. Supplying a wide range of voltages, this wire comes in two primary gauges, designed for a variety of applications.

Thermoplastic wires are found in a variety of applications.

Often used in wire harnesses, TF wire is an easy abbreviation that identifies the type of wire at a glance.

  1. Examine the outer appearance of the wire on a spool. TF wire is surrounded by a color-coded PVC insulation, with a nylon plastic jacket. The insulation should be marked with labels such as "THW-2," "THHN," or "TFN."

  2. Strip the wire. Observe the actual wire strands inside the outer jacket. TF wire has up to seven internal strands. The internal wiring ranges from 16 to 18 gauge.

  3. Consider the applications. TF wire is compatible with wet or dry installations, and is often discovered when examining the internal wiring of an appliance or electrical device. You will also find TF wire in lighting fixtures, automotive harnesses, and terminal blocks.