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How to Remove Caulking From Vinyl Flooring

Greyson Ferguson

It's amazing how one job around the house spirals into several. If you needed to recaulk your bathroom or kitchen you may have accidentally dripped some of the caulking onto the vinyl flooring. You might not even notice the caulk spill until you finish with the bathroom or kitchen and the caulk is already dry.

Luckily, you still can remove the caulking without too much effort and no damage to your floor.

  1. Cut away at the caulking on the vinyl flooring with a razor blade or utility knife.

  2. Put on some rubber gloves. The caulking remover can sting or irritate the skin on your hands if you do not protect them properly.

  3. Apply the caulk remover onto the caulk and allow it to sit for up to four hours. You can purchase caulk remover at most home improvement stores. The remover is not going to remove the caulk instantly, but it is going to loosen it.

  4. Scrape off the remainder of the caulk with a razor knife.

  5. Wash down the vinyl flooring with a damp rag to remove any residue that may still be on the floor.