How to Troubleshoot a Signature 2000 Pressure Tank

Michael Larkin

A Signature 2000 Pressure Tank is designed to move water from your well or other water source to your plumbing system. When the tank is operating properly, it should provide a steady, even flow of water to your faucets.

Low water pressure in your faucets can indicate a problem with your Signature 2000 pressure tank.

If pressure from the tank is low, check the tank air charge, pump pressure switch and air cell before having the tank serviced professionally.

  1. Unplug the power source to the pump.

  2. Remove the cover to the pressure switch near the pump. The pressure switch is usually a small attachment on the pipe near the base of the pressure tank.

  3. Turn on the water faucet that is closest to the tank and allow the water to drain until the contacts on the pressure switch close. Close the faucet.

  4. Slide the rubber tube of the tire pressure or pump pressure gauge around the pressure valve near the pressure switch. Check the reading.

  5. Look for the recommended PSI in your pump switch manufacturer's instructions, then follow the instructions in the manual to adjust the switch until the pressure falls within the recommended range.

  6. Plug the power supply back in and allow the pump to re-pressurize the tank.

  7. Detach the power supply again and take another pressure reading. Repeat Steps 4 through 6 until the pressure is within one PSI of the recommended reading.

  8. Open the faucet closest to the tank with the power still detached from the pump. Allow all the water to drain from the tank.

  9. Pull the circular cap free from the top of the pump. Attach a tire pressure gauge or pump pressure gauge to the valve and check the reading. It should be two PSI lower than the pressure switch setting. Attach an air compressor to the valve and add air if it is too low.

  10. Wait 24 hours. Check the pressure in the tank again. If the pressure has dropped, your tank has a leak. You will either need to replace the air cell or have the tank professionally serviced.