Proper Swimming Pool Jet Positioning

J. Johnson

The jets under the water in your swimming pool have a very important job to do. They suck in water from different areas around the pool and carry it to the filter where it can be properly cleaned and freed of debris. Then, the water is sent back to the jets that reincorporate it back into the swimming pool water.

Swimming pool jets can help keep the water clean.

The proper position for swimming pool jets is up for debate. Basically, what you choose will depend on your personal preferences for the jets.


Use a pool vacuum cleaner as often as you can. When you keep large debris and dirt out of your pool, the position of the jets becomes less important.

  1. Position the jets so that they point upward and toward the shallow end of your pool. Any objects floating in the water, such as a raft, will then be sent to the shallow end, which can prevent slip and fall accidents when reaching for objects.

  2. Position the jets to face downward if you are bothered by the jolt of water that occurs when the jets periodically push filtered water back into the swimming pool.

  3. Face the jets toward the skimmer if you frequently have large chunks of debris in your pool, such as leaves from a nearby tree. This will force the debris toward the skimmer, which can remove it.

  4. Face the swimming pool jets forward if they are meant to create an endless swim mechanism, rather than assist the filter. The jets will push water outward to create a type of swimming treadmill.