How to Get Rid of Fleas & Possums

Marcus Baker

If you have an indoor pet infested with fleas, then you can rest assured that these tiny insects will be wherever they can suck fresh blood, including from your cat and dog or you and your children. Another pesky creature is the possum. These animals won't hesitate to come sniffing around in search of a free snack.

Get rid of possums if you don't want them hanging around.

Possums generally hang around if they find suitable conditions and available food. Since most households would rather be rid of these creatures, having information on getting rid of fleas and possums can be beneficial.


Check your local laws because it is illegal to trap and relocate possums in many parts of the United States.

  1. Vacuum for fleas in all areas of your home, especially places where your pet sleeps, as well as furniture cushions. Vacuum even if you have hardwood floors in your home, because it is effective at picking up adult fleas, as well as their eggs. Vacuum thoroughly next to windows and underneath sofas and chairs. Once done, dispose of the vacuum bag, because fleas will still be alive inside and you don't want them jumping out into other areas of your home. Clean or throw away all of your pet's bedding, since it retains fleas and their eggs.

  2. Select a flea-killer product to use in your home. Adulticides are in most flea sprays and will allow you to wipe out the adult fleas. Flea foggers have adulticides in them as well, but are only recommended for wide open spaces since they leave places like underneath furniture untouched. Powders work well because of a key ingredient, boric acid, which damages the flea's body when it comes into contact with it. Another product to use is a growth regulator, which prevents fleas from having offspring. This is vital because one flea is capable of having millions of babies.

  3. Refrain from offering possums food since this is usually what makes them come around in the first place. A possum's diet consists of many things found around your home, such as pet food or leftovers in your household garbage. All potential food items should be removed and thrown away in garbage cans with lids that won't fall off easily. If fruit has fallen off of a nearby tree, be sure to pick it up and dispose of it. Bird feeders should not be left out overnight either, because this can attract possums as well.

  4. Obtain a trap that measures about 10x12x32 because this is large enough to trap adult possums. Possums are not considered hard to catch at all using this tool. These traps lure possums if you use something for bait that a possum wants to snack on, such as fresh fruit. However, if you want to make sure that you trap a possum and not some other animal, specific baits can be purchased to help you accomplish this. Once the possum has taken the bait, it will find itself trapped inside due to a trap door. At this point you should take the possum to a safe area where you can release it that's far away from your home.