How to Get Cat Spray Out of Shoes

Kimberly Loftin

Cat spraying is a common problem for pet owners. Even if the stain is treated so that the odor is no longer detectable to humans, cats can pick up the lingering scent and continue to mark their territory by repeatedly spraying that area. Removing cat spray from items like shoes may seem hopeless.

You can get cat spray out of shoes.

But rest assured — it is possible to remove the scent and stain left behind after a cat sprays your shoes.


If you have access to a black light, you can use it to check for cat spray stains that may be invisible to the human eye.

    Use absorbent paper towels to remove moisture.
  1. Soak up as much wet urine from the shoe as possible, using absorbent paper towels.

  2. Generously spray the shoes with a pet odor neutralizing spray.
  3. Spray the soiled shoes with a pet odor neutralizer recommended by your local pet store or veterinarian. Neutralizing the odor ensures that your cat is unable to smell where it sprayed earlier and does not keep spraying that same area. Let the neutralizer set on the shoes for about an hour.

  4. Use 3% hydrogen peroxide to remove yellow stains.
  5. Pour a few drops of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide onto any remaining visible yellow spots. This should remove the stain. Keep repeating until the stain lifts and becomes less visible. Depending on how old the stain is, this step may take a while and may not completely lift the stain. At the least, however, it helps to break it down.

  6. Washing machines help clean shoes thoroughly.
  7. Place the shoes inside a pillowcase and then put the pillowcase in a washing machine. The pillowcase protects the shoes from bouncing around loosely or their laces from getting tangled in the machine.

  8. Apple cider vinegar acts as an odor neutralizer.
  9. Add your favorite laundry detergent to the wash along with two cups of apple cider vinegar, which acts as another type of odor neutralizer. Set the machine to wash with hot water, at the heavy soil setting and with a medium amount of water. Depending on how old the stain is, you may need to repeat this washing process. If the cat spray is under a week old, washing the shoes once should be sufficient.