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How to Make Rabbits Come to Your Yard

Kayar Sprang

Maybe you like to watch wildlife up close and personal. Or you want the kids to see them. Watching rabbits is a great way for kids to learn about them. Or, maybe you're a nature photographer. Whatever the reason you want to attract rabbits to your property, you must provide for their needs.

Rabbits don't venture far from home.


Don't let your dogs run loose on your property if you want to see rabbits in your yard.

Rabbits need shelter, food and water to survive. Rabbits don't venture too far from their homes. That means if you see rabbits in your yard, they are living somewhere close by. The best time to see them is at dawn and at dusk, when they feed.

  1. Construct a dense brush pile along the edge of your property where it's quiet and undisturbed. Thick, bushy shrubs work well, too. Rabbits can hide in the pile or shrubs and feel protected. They are easily frightened by loud noises and movement.

  2. Allow a portion of your yard around the shelter to grow wild to provide food. Rabbits are herbivores. They feed on grasses, weeds, wildflowers, dandelions and clover.

  3. Plant small gardens of their favorite vegetables to make rabbits come to your yard. They are especially partial to beans, cabbage, lettuce and peas. The nice thing is, you don't need to mulch or hoe the rabbit garden to keep the weeds down, since they eat those, too.

  4. Save branches from trees and bushes you pruned in the fall. Place them on the ground near the brush pile or shrubs to provide food for rabbits during the winter months.

  5. Dig a shallow watering hole to provide water for rabbits. A depression that's a few inches deep and a couple feet in diameter is large enough. Tamp down the dirt firmly so it holds water. The hole will collect rainwater. To keep it from drying up between rains, fill the watering hole with a bucket of water when needed. Or, place the end of a garden hose in it. Turn the water on so the hose drips slowly. You can also use a shallow plastic container in place of the watering hole. Place it near the shelter you set up to attract rabbits.