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How to Use Acetone to Remove Ink From Paper

Kayla Lowe

Removing ink from paper can be a challenging task, especially if, for whatever reason, you cannot resort to the usual methods of white-out or erasable ink. Ridding ink from paper is possible with the appropriate solvents. Acetone is one solvent that will remove ink from paper, and if applied correctly, it does not saturate the paper as much as other solvents. Acetone can be purchased at many stores, including hardware and beauty supply stores.

  1. Don your gloves, and dilute 1 tbsp. of 100% acetone with 5 tbsp. of water in a small bowl.

  2. Dab and rub a cotton ball dampened with the solution onto the ink on the paper; do this gently to avoid ripping or tearing the paper or over saturating it.

  3. Dab and rub a cotton ball dampened with water onto the paper after the solution has set for approximately one minute to remove the ink from the paper.

  4. Tip

    Use fingernail polish if you wish, but do not dilute it with water if you choose to do so.


    Beware of letting 100% acetone touch your skin, for it will burn.

    Beware of damaging your paper when removing ink; practice on scrap pieces of paper first.