Types of Water Pumps

Water pumps are very useful devices in homes and businesses. A few types of water pumps are available on the market, all of which serve the same general purpose. Some water pumps are used to bring water into a home or building, while others are used to move water out.


The main function of any water pump is to move water from one place to another for various reasons. Certain conditions in a home or building call for different types of water pumps. One thing is certain, most buildings require the use of some form of water pump to service their needs.


There are several different types of water pumps. Currently the main types of water pumps used by consumers are well pumps, sump pumps and pressure tanks. Some buildings require the use of two types of water pumps to keep a constant water supply.

Well Pumps

Well pumps move water from underground sources to the home. When choosing a well pump, consumers need to consider the number of sinks and bathrooms that need to be serviced. If water needs to be pumped across great distances to several sources, a well pump with a higher horsepower should be used. The motor in a well pump will spin a blade and create suction drawing water into pipes that lead into a particular building's pressure tank.

Pressure Tanks

Pressure tanks are located within the home. They regulate water pressure as it is drawn into a building. Season changes are known to affect water pressure; it is the pressure tank's job to regulate water flow and keep water pressure steady throughout the year.

Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are a popular type of water pump that can be found in many buildings. Sump pumps are an effective way to remove water that collects in basements. A bucket is placed below floor level in the basement and as water collects, the sump pump will activate and displace the water out of the building. Submersible sump pumps are located below the water line and can handle higher volumes of water than floor-level sump pumps. Floor-level sump pumps work the same way as submersible ones, the only difference is that they are located outside the collection bucket instead of within the collection bucket.


Water pumps come in all shapes and sizes. Most hardware stores carry various types of water pumps. Well pumps can cost anywhere from $200 to $400, depending on size and strength. Pressure tanks can cost anywhere from $150 to $500 again, depending on size and strength. Sump pumps can cost anywhere from $100 to $350.