What Is Crocus Cloth Used For?

Ann Li

While the name is somewhat misleading, suggesting a fabric, crocus cloth is actually a rough material. It is generally found in machine shops, metal working studios and jewelry stores. It has a variety of uses in the production of goods.


Crocus cloth is a type of sandpaper, composed of a mineral abrasive applied to a pliable cloth backing. It is red in color and commonly found in packages of 9- by 11-inch sheets.

Uses for Polishing

Crocus cloth is often used to polish shop metals, giving them a high shine, similar to that of a mirror.

Uses for Cleaning

For machinery or metals in need of a cleaning, after using a coarser abrasive, such as emery cloth or aluminum oxide, crocus cloth with its finer grains is often used to finish the job by smoothing over the surface.

Uses for Machinists

Crocus cloth is frequently employed in mechanic or machine shops to smooth out metal surfaces and, with the help of some dry cleaner, can remove scratches and little rough areas.

Uses for Jewelers

Similar to the way in which machinists apply crocus cloth, it may be used as a finishing touch for jewelry. It can be applied to a buffing machine wheel or flex shaft wheel and is an effective method for achieving a shiny look.