How Much Should it Cost to Replace a Toilet?


The cost of replacing a toilet involves many factors.

Compare Several Professional Estimates

Compare prices for professional toilet replacements.

The cost of replacing a toilet will vary depending upon the type of toilet you purchase and the labor charge, if you hire a professional plumber. Toilet prices vary, but as of 2010, a basic toilet can cost between $50 and $200. Plumbers will typically charge $80 to $150 for a toilet installation and you might also have to pay a fee to dispose of the old toilet.

Consider A DIY Project

Start your toilet replacement project with the right tools

You can save on plumbing fees if you decide to replace the toilet yourself. Keep in mind that you will need to provide all the necessary materials and tools to do so. Find clear directions on replacing toilets before you begin the project.

Bottom Line

Expect to spend at least $300.

Buying a new toilet and having a professional plumber replace your old one will cost you a minimum of $300. Replacing the toilet yourself will save you the plumber's fees but home repair experts suggest knowing the code requirements and proper procedures to replace a toilet.

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