Types of Hardwood

The term "hardwood" refers to wood that comes from a plant classified as an angiosperm. You may recognize hardwoods as the trees that lose their leaves in the autumn. Softwoods, such as conifers, have leaves called needles and do not shed their leaves at a specific season.


Types of Hardwood

Angiosperms are plants that reproduce using hard-covered seeds, such as an oak tree's acorn or an apple tree's apple fruit.

North American and European Hardwoods

Hardwoods found in America include oaks, sycamore, beech, cherry, ash, elm, birch, boxwood, holly, walnut, willow, and maple trees.

Tropical Hardwoods

Hardwoods native to tropical regions include teak, mahogany and ebony.


Hardwoods are typically used as materials for flooring, cabinetry and furniture.


Some species of hardwoods are "harder" than other species. This characteristic is important when determining what hardwood to use. For example, you would want to use a stronger hardwood for something like flooring (which would take a lot of pressure). Hickory can take the most pressure; aspen can take the least amount of pressure.

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