What Causes a Squeaky Faucet?

A faucet is a household luxury that has now become standard, but when a faucet leaks or squeaks, it can be an incredible nuisance. Determining the cause of the squeaking faucet helps you know how to remedy the problem.

Types of Pipe Problems

Water pipes and other pipes sound when there is too much water pressure; pipes can bang when there is too much room surrounding the pipes. Leaking pipes are also problematic.

Squeaky Pipes

Faucets can also make a loud whistle, scream or even a chatter when turned off or on. Sometimes, pipes can squeak when water runs through them to the faucet.

Squeaky Knobs

If you turn the handle of the knob on the faucet, sometimes a squeaking noise occurs. This problem is not caused by pipes but rather by the threading under the knob itself.

Fixing Squeaky Pipes

The only pipes that squeak are hot water pipes; they can squeak when water runs through them, causing them to expand. Place a protective cushion around the pipe to remedy the squeaking.

Fixing Squeaky Knobs

To remedy a squeaky knob, unscrew the knob from its place. Rub petroleum jelly or other lubricant on the rivets and screw the knob back into place.

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