What Is Zud Cleaner?

Faith Davies

Produced by Malco, Zud is a line of home cleaning products designed to tackle heavy cleaning jobs in kitchens and bathrooms. Zud cleaners are available at a number of stores and online retailers throughout the United States.


Zud is available as a powdered cleanser and as a liquid dispensed in a squeezable container.


Zud cleaners contains pumice granules and oxalic acid, according to the Malco's website.


Liquid Zud cleaner is available in 19 ounce bottles, while the powdered form comes in two sizes--6 and 16 ounces.


Zud is an abrasive cleaner that removes rust and other types of mineral stains from metals, porcelain and counter tops, according to Malco.


As of December 2009, the average cost of Zud liquid cleanser is $4.50, while the 16-ounce powder sells between $3.50 and $4.00