Why Fish Die in Man Made Ponds

Fish ponds are ornamental additions to property. Fish die in ponds when the fish lack adequate oxygen or nutrition, or when harmful chemical changes occur in the water.

Pond Ecosystems

Fish ponds are beautiful
Valuable food and oxygen are generated by pond plants

Man-made ponds are artificial ecosystems meant to resemble natural fish environments. Quality and safe water, plants, oxygen and food are the basic essentials for fish in both natural and artificial ponds.

Ecosystem Changes

Beautiful ponds can suffer fish deaths

Significant alterations of light, temperature, oxygen, pH, food and fish populations may cause fish death.


Fish Deaths are Unpleasant Events

Toxic chemicals from herbicides, weed killers, insecticides, fertilizers, or unmonitored pH changes, may change the character of the water and kill fish. Keeping harmful chemicals away from fish ponds is critical.

Monitoring Ponds

The artificial pond should be checked regularly for temperature, pH, plant health, accumulation of algae and overall appearance. Maintain a "pond notebook" that lists times, dates and pond conditions.


Whenever fish regularly die in a pond it is important to evaluate pond location and conditions. Sometimes, a new pond and location is the best choice for healthy fish, in other cases regular pond care works well.