What Is Gypsum Insulation?

Gypsum insulation is a product used as a thermal barrier. To meet most code requirements builders must use an appropriate thermal barrier to cover the interior surfaces of the walls.


Many builders use gypsum to ensure compliance with the requirement for an adequate thermal barrier.

Gypsum insulation can be found in variety of forms including pellet form, board form and drywall applications.


The gypsum materials serve as a thermal barrier to supply extra R-value protection and fire resistance. R-value is a measure of thermal resistance.


Adding a supplemental gypsum insulation will increase the fire safety of a structure and seal the structure for better cooling and heating.


Gypsum insulation prevents air from seeping into the inner surface of a building's walls.


Covering an exterior wall with a gypsum panel product can create a completely acceptable R-value when also properly sealed and insulated.

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