What Is an Anti Gravity Chair?

According to wisegeek.com, an anti-gravity or zero-gravity chair is a "highly adjustable chair which is designed to support the human body extremely well." Anti Gravity recliners give your body a relaxed feeling of weightlessness.


You feel weightless and relaxed in an anti gravity chair.

Anti-gravity chairs are designed to be ergonomic. This means they are designed to be comfortable since they allow the body to relax in a natural position. These chairs reduce stress and strain on the body by having many adjustable parts designed to fit individual needs.

Back Benefits

Anti-gravity chairs are reported to relieve stress on the back by reclining the user into a zero-gravity position where the feet are raised to the level of the heart. This position takes weight pressure off the spine offering back pain relief.

Health Benefits

According to the Relax the Back website, zero gravity chairs improve circulation which relieves the strain on your heart allowing you to sink into a deeper relaxation. Deep relaxation relieves psychological and physical strain improving overall health.


The effectiveness of an anti gravity chair depends on the individual adjustments. It is important for each user to adjust the chair carefully to their specific requirements to achieve the best position for their body in order to reap the benefits of the chair.