What Is Plastic Dip Coating?

Plastic dip coating is an industrial process in which a protective plastic coating is used to sheathe and cover a finished product. A variety of products are subjected to plastic dip coating before production is completed.


Plastic dip coating is used for protection and longevity.

The main function of plastic dip coating is to protect a product and increase the length of its shelf life, although plastic dip coating can also be used for decorative reasons. Additionally, the plastic coating can be used as a means of insulating electrical wiring for safety reasons.


Plastic dip coating is often used to coat metallic products like electrical wiring and wire hangers. In addition to preventing rust by protecting the metal from exposure to the open air, plastic dip coating also prevents the metal from soiling anything that it comes in contact with. This is especially useful with wire hangers, as the coating can prevent clothes from becoming stained.


The process of plastic dip coating is achieved by immersing an object in hot liquid plastic. The object is then removed from the plastic at a constant rate to prevent irregularities from forming on the surface. The faster the object is removed, the thicker the plastic coating.

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