Anti-Rust Treatment

Anti-rust treatment is used on car parts, bicycles or anywhere to prevent rust. Metal is prone to rusting, especially metal that is left outside in the elements. With a few steps, you can prevent rust from forming.

Metal Cleaner

Rust on pipes can be removed.

Use a metal cleaner formula that can be purchased from the hardware store. Follow instructions on the bottle, and clean metal by dabbing it on with an old rag. Metal cleaner will help keep rust from forming.


Use a fine grade steel wire Brillo pad to remove any indication of rust before it forms. Steel wire Brillo is an excellent way to scrub away changes in metal before rust fully develops.

Distilled White Vinegar

Spraying distilled white vinegar, which has an acidic base, onto rust will clean it and keep it sparkling. It also prevents rust from forming when used regularly.

Rust Inhibitors

Use a spray-on rust inhibitor, and coat the metal. Use one coat and let dry. Apply a second coat if needed.

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